All PastureLand yogurt, cheeses and butters are made from pasture-grazed whole milk or cream, always rBST Free.


Greek-Style Yogurt

Enjoy the flavor of southern Wisconsin pastures in our naturally golden, cream-top yogurt.

• Pasture-grazed
• Greek Style Yogurt
• Golden Cream Top
• Non-homogenized Whole Milk
• Gluten Free

Peace of Pasture Cheese

Peace of Pasture is a grassy and versatile table cheese made in the style of Butterkäse with our luscious whole milk.

• Complex Zesty Flavor
• Great Melting or Snacking Cheese
• Perfect for a Cheese Tray



PastureLand seasonal butter is churned in small batches at a local dairy from cream produced while our cows graze on nutrient-rich living pasture. You’ll notice the texture of PastureLand butter is dense and silky, and the taste is sweet and bright, making it perfect for all of your baking and cooking needs. 

• Pasture-grazed
• Small Batch Butter
• Made with Sea Salt
• Beautiful Natural Golden Color