Our cows love it. We love it. We hope you love it too. Fresh air, sunshine, exercise and grazing are all in a day’s work at PastureLand Cooperative farms. As weather permits, cows get to do their thing (which just happens to be grazing, socializing, and resting) on beautiful Southern Wisconsin pastures filled with green alfalfa, orchard grass and clover.

Eating what’s fresh and in season. April – November the season when the cows are giving the most nutritious and flavorful milk, so that is when we limit our dairy production of yogurt, cheese and butter. They eat only fresh grasses with small treats of corn and dried forages, like hay. They are never fed silage.

Here’s to your health. Feeding on pasture mean our cows' milk naturally has more Omega-3 (for heart health) and CLA (cancer-preventitive) than ordinary milk. You will never find rBGH or antibiotics in our products either.

Hey, neighbor. We’re a small group of family farms committed bringing the best to those around us. Drop us a line. Say, “Hi.”