Carrie, Cory & Calvin Brekken

                              Carrie, Cory & Calvin Brekken

Meet The Brekkens

Town of Dunn, WI

Cory and Carrie, and their young son Calvin, operate a grass-based dairy farm owned by Marlen and Arlene Junck in the Town of Dunn next to the Gausman farm. Cory grew up on a conventional dairy farm near Edgerton, and has been farming on the Junck farm since 2000. They milk about 60 cows and operate 200 acres on a seasonal schedule where the cows are dry in January and February each year. Their herd is a mix of breeds that are good grazers. They start animals grazing as young calves in the fenced-in front yard. Cory and Carrie became patrons of the coop in the spring of 2008.

Bill Gausman, Heather, Henry, Jon & Claire Rattmann, Roz, Anders & Hans Gausman.

Bill Gausman, Heather, Henry, Jon & Claire Rattmann, Roz, Anders & Hans Gausman.

Meet the gausmans

Town of Dunn, WI

Bill Gausman grew up on family dairy farm in the Town of Dunn in Dane County, Wisconsin. In 1981, when his parents retired from farming, he was excited to leave his job as a glazier in the construction field and return to a life of farming. His wife, Roz, and their two children, Hans and Heather, have many great memories of life on the farm, whether it was doing farm chores together or having a winter picnic in the snow, while getting fire wood.

The first ten years, Bill and Roz ran a more conventional farm operation but were interested in sustainable farming with a more seasonal schedule.


Meet tim pauli


Tim began grazing in 1992, on his beautiful 109 acre farm nestled in Dane County. The farm includes 35 acres of wooded hillside and 72 acres of farmland. Tim has continued his families’ history of five generations of dairying in the United States since emigrating from Switzerland, where they farmed in a similar manner.

Tim’s farm has consistently produced a high net income per acre and per cow, sustaining his 27 milking head via grazing the land from April until late November.


Meet The paris’S

Belleville, WI

Bert and Trish Paris began dairy farming conventionally in 1983. From humble beginnings in a share-operation, they moved to a 60 acre, rental operation in 1985. In 1992, the couple purchased their current 137-acre family farm in Belleville, Wisconsin. Bert and Trish have four children: Becky, Meagan, Adam, and Dylan – all who have helped on the farm. Bert is actively involved in the grazing movement, serving on several boards and committees. Bert has an Ag-Education degree from UW-River Falls and Trish has a Bachelors degree in Nursing from UW-Eau Claire.